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How exactly is a translation price set?

In order to receive a most accurate price estimate, please send us the text to be translated and specify as many details as possible regarding your requirements (language, format, delivery deadline, legalization by a public notary, number of copies). In setting the price, we will take into consideration the volume of the material to be translated, the subject area, the target language, the delivery deadline, your previous cooperation with our translation agency.

These are our standard prices to get an overall impression:


English to Romanian

Romanian to English

             25 RON

French to Romanian

Romanian to French

25 RON

Italian to Romanian

Romanian to Italian

25 RON

Spanish to Romanian

Romanian to Spanish

25 RON

German to Romanian

Romanian to German

30 RON

> The prices from above are for reference purposes only and they are not contractual or other kind of obligation.

> The prices from above do not refer to technical, medical or any other specialized translations.

> For technical, medical or any other specialized translations, customized price quotes are required for each order.

How can I pay?

You can pay using the following methods:

- in cash at our office

- using a collect on delivery(COD) service provided by an express delivery provider

- cash deposit in our bank account

- wire transfer

- Paypal

How do I enter in the translation’s possession?

We will deliver the translation in the form requested by you. There are various ways to enter in the translation’s possession:

- you may come in person to our office or you may delegate a representative;

- a representative of our agency will go to your company office;

- by mail;

- by fax;

- by express courier.

How can I send files of more than 10M by e-mail?

Files of maximum 2M may be attached to our form. Files of more than 2M should be sent directly to our mail address. If your file has more than 10M, please try one of the following methods:

The first method would be to try to archive your files in RAR or ZIP format, by using a compression ratio so that to reach the desired size.

A second method would be to send the files through a file transfer service. One of the most popular services of this type is or

The third method would be to send us the files on a memory stick or CD, by an express delivery service, to our office or to come in person.