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High-quality translations!


Why should you choose CLAS TRANSLATIONS as partner for the provision of professional translation services?



Because we apply strict Quality Assurance procedures, guaranteeing you that the translation shall keep the original meaning of the text, with no variation.


Because our services have always satisfied the high requirements of our partners and the professional competence of our translators enjoys the trust of some of the major companies in Romania.



Because we do not have small clients and big clients, but business partners.



Because we know to be flexible and to permanently adapt to the specific requirements of each project.

These are our standard prices to get an overall impression:


English to Romanian

Romanian to English

            25 RON

French to Romanian

Romanian to French

25 RON

Italian to Romanian

Romanian to Italian

25 RON

Spanish to Romanian

Romanian to Spanish

25 RON

German to Romanian

Romanian to German

30 RON

The prices from above are for reference purposes only and they are not contractual or other kind of obligation

The prices from above do not refer to technical, medical or any other specialized translations.

For technical, medical or any other specialized translations, customized price quotes are required for each order.

For further info, read FAQ translations, please!

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