Cooperative Learning Academy of Snagov - CLAS International School

Fees and programmes

School  Year - 2017/2018
Types of educational programmes and tuition fees

 Key Stage 1 (students aged 5-7) and Key Stage 2

As an independent non-for-profit association, CLAS strives to maintain fiscal responsibility and all tuition income benefits our students and community. Our fees are commensurate with a high academic quality of our programmes and we strive to accommodate as many students as we can without being overly selective.

A. Bilingual stream
(National Curriculum + British International Complementary Curriculum)
Short Programme I (English-Romanian)

8.30 am - 3.00 pm
Compulsory National Romanian Curriculum (including the English elective classes – eg. “Jolly Phonics” and “Food for Life”) + 10 English classes Cambridge ESOL and British Core Curriculum + snack + lunch+ elctives such as Creativity - Project Zero of University of Harvard+ Chess+ Entrepreneurship for kids + intercultural education events + World News Flash Assembly etc

Annual fee : 5200 Euro

* on request, organic food, raw-vegan or special diets at a different price.

Extended Bilingual Programme II (English-Romanian)

8.30 am - 6.00 pm
Standard Programme I + British International Curriculum (20 periods of English /week including stand-alone core subjects: Maths, Language Arts and cross-curicular units of study - foundation subjects) + World News Flash Assembly + French/Italian (2 periods/week) + 2 snacks + a healthy lunch + Smart Junior Hub clubs+ dismissal at  5.50 pm ( transport service on request)

Annual fee: 5500 Euro (preparatory class - Year 1)

Annual fee: 6000 Euro

NB: The school organizes transport for the bilingual stream.


For a good physical and emotional development, students benefit from medical and psychological assistance.

B.International British stream 2018-2019

  English-only Additional Programme III - Distant Learning

1. Individual Blending Programme

Core Curriculum of England and Wales: Language Arts/Maths/Science+ Flash News Assembly + testing - textbooks, workbooks

Annual fee: 2000 Euro
 NB. This programme is valid only for the students who are already enrolled to a school. Our programme is additional.