Cooperative Learning Academy of Snagov - CLAS International School

Admission 2017/2018

CLAS International School Admission 2017/2018

Welcome to CLAS Int’l School’s Admission Office! The 2017/2018 enrollment begins in January 2017.

It all starts here! Our office is wide open for your questions, comments and visits. Due to the transient nature of some of expat families, we  accept applications for admission throughout the school year. Please call our office to set up an appointment  with the Principal of the school at least two days prior to your visit so that we can make sure our time is dedicated specifically to your family. Should you have any queries please email us at sau any time and we will do our best to answer within 24 hours.
Browse through the admission section of our website to find  out first hand information about the application procedure, about our admission requirements, wait pool policy and documents needed. The school maintains a wainting pool for those grades which are full, so please inquire about availability.

Phone numbers: 0040736 770 747 or 0040732822114


Admission opens in January 2017 and it is open all year round!

Available seats:
1 Preparatory Class - Year 1 - 12 seats

Year 2 - (the first grade) - 10 seats

Year 3 - the second grade - 10 seats

Year 5 - the fourth grade - 10 seats

Admission steps:

Step 1: interview with both parents / child’s legal guardians and the Principal of CLAS International School

Step 2: candidate’s testing in an integrated way :
Maths: written test
English: written & oral test
Romanian: written test (only for the bilingual stream)
Admission fee (non-refundable): 200 Euro

Step 3: testing results

Step 4: admission procedures ( student’s file, school uniform, transport etc)

Documents needed to enrol at CLAS International School:
- Student’s personal file (psycho-somatic check-up for preparatory class – bilingual stream)

Documents needed:
Enrollment form (download here)
Educational Partnership Agreement
Copy of child’s birth certificate
Copies of parents’ IDs or passports
Child’s passport photo
Medical history form (download here) including the following annexes:   Vaccines   Naso-pharyngeal exuding   Copro-parasitologic notice   Notice of entry into the community   Medical certificate - apt for Physical Education and Sport
Paying September&October tuition fees and the educational support fee in avanced.

NOTE: Enrollment is completed according to the available seats.