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About Us

Welcome to the website of Cooperative Learning Academy of Snagov CLAS Educational Centre!
CLAS Int'l School, founded by Multiple Intelligences Association whose founders are experts in national and international education eager to promote high values such as diversity and intercultural expression, cooperation, tolerance and equal opportunities in a multicultural educational context.

The aims of CLAS are:

  • Excellence in the teaching - learning - evaluation process in order to develop students' multiple intelligences (Gardner) and the UE key competences;
  • Stimulating teacher professional development about recent research and best international practices in education;
  • Awareness of the changing needs of our students;
  • Innovative methodology- CL (Cooperative Learning) and CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning), MI (Multiple Intelligences), Jolly Phonics/Grammar - a British phonetic method to teach literacy;
  • Excellent administration and care of our staff

CLAS Educational Centre is organized as follows:

 June 2016 – Saturday admissions for 2016/2017 primary school. Expat enrollments are also accepted throughout the school year.

15 September – 30 June from 8.30 am  to 6 pm – Bilingual Primary school (Romanian National Curriculum + Curriculum of England and Wales) or English-only International Curriculum enriched with Romanian, German, French and Italian depending on the tuition programme chosen

1 October – 30 July from 6.30 pm – 8.00 pm from Monday - Friday and Saturday from 9 to 12.30 – language school for all levels and ages

1 July – 30 July – summer school for kids

1 August – 22 August – school closes for hygiene and staff holidays

23 August – 15 September – administration and registration for the language courses and SMARTS Junior Hub clubs

15 September 2016 – The first day of CLAS International Primary School - GRAND OPENING

The Professional Development Department runs throughout the school year at weekends or summer time.

At CLAS we offer you

  • COBIS primary international school - click on "primary school"
  • Language school with a wide variety of language courses for all ages & levels
  • CLAS Multiple Intelligences Junior Hub providing afternoon MI clubs open to the local community
  • summer school with an intercultural programme ("Around the World")
  • Professional Development Centre with innovative courses for - Cooperative Learning (CL) & Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), Multiple Intelligences (MI); Jolly Phonics/Grammar, TKT-CLIL
  • consultancy for university studies abroad
  • Centre of excellence for families in collaboration with Mirela Horumba, expert in psychology and parenting

Our whole team of staff is dedicated to providing view with excellent lessons in a friendly and professional environment, as well as caring for every aspect of your requirements.

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